Tire Retaining Walls

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Tirewall can build your next project

For years, people have been manually building passive solar tire wall houses, commonly called Earthships, that use less than 80% of the energy of a conventional house. It was a very labor intensive and time consuming process. Now, thanks to Tirewall Corporation’s patented Tire Spreader and Tire Tamper, scrap tires can be used to mass produce affordable tire wall houses, retaining walls, tire reefs and other products in a fraction of the time, at a lower cost, and with minimal effort.

Tirewall Corporation is currently building the final production versions of our machines that automated the process of filling scrap tires in place and then compacting the dirt to turn the tires in building blocks. For more information on how Tirewall Corp can build your next environmentally friendly home, retaining wall or other project, just send us an e-mail at info@tirewall.com.